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Linda Spotts
May 08, 2024 8:00 AM
Recognition of Students & Educators for Month of April 2024 + Interact Students Presentation
Pennsylvania State Representative Justin Fleming
May 02, 2024 6:30 PM
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Phyllis Hicks
Mar 20, 2024 8:00 AM
February 2024 Students & Educators of the Month
District Governor Fred Gellert
Mar 07, 2024 6:30 PM
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On March 7, 2024, our guest speaker was District 7390 District Governor Fred Gellert whose topic was Serving, Learning, and Leading in Rotary. His topic covered serving communities locally and globally, the Rotary Learning Program where one has access to over 100 online courses, the areas of Rotary's focus, and examples of projects locally and in other countries.  Fred's background includes teaching Army officers courses such as Strategic Leadership at the U. S. Army War College in Carlisle after retiring as a Colonel in the U.S. Army.  His teachings were based on his broad military experiences that included being an Army Commander, Chief P7 Police Forces Integration, and US Army Pacific Operations Officer.  Fred is a member of the Carlisle Sunrise Rotary club and served his club as president as well as several positions at the District level prior to being elected as District Governor for 2023-2024. He has his Masters’ Degree from RPI in Astrophysics, a Masters’ Degree from Army War College in Strategic Studies, and a Bachelors’ Degree in Physics from Wayne State University
On April 10 2024 the March students and educators of the Month were recognized and a school administrator shared the special ways in which a recipient's achievements in the school and community truly represented Rotary's motto "Service Above Self". Recipients in the picture left to right are:  Callie Wendell, Educator of the Month for the Middle School, Mia Russell, Student of the Month for the Middle School, and Denise Nassip, Educator of the Month for the Thomas Holtzman Elementary School.  Missing was Inass Moubal, the High School Student of the Month.  Congratulations to all! 
A presentation on Little Houses in Ecuador was made to our club on February 1, 2024 by PDG Kevin Cogan, a member of the Carlisle Sunrise for over 20 years who has been very involved in water and sanitation projects globally.  DG Kevin for the Rotary Year 2021-2022 initiated a new project called the Little Houses in Ecuador for vulnerable moms with limited income. It all started with a conversation he had with an Ecuadorian student at Dickinson College whose father was a Rotarian in Quito, Ecuador.  Together the Ecuador’s Rotary Club which her father belonged to, along with Kevin’s Carlisle Sunrise Rotary Club put this project together and raised funds through donations from other clubs in District 7390 to build several homes.  In 2022-2023, the Northern Lebanon Rotary Club and Rotarian Nigel Foundling took the lead and continued the project.  Our club made a donation to the 2022-2023 project. In the photos are PDG Kevin and Rotary Club of Susquehanna Township
President Linda Spotts , a picture of before and after the little homes were built, and a picture of a plaque placed on each of the little houses built D7390 Rotary Clubs in 2022-2023 that includes our club's name along with the other clubs that donated to the project.  
On November 8, 2023 Students and Educators of the month were recognized for their service of above self for the month of October.  The recipients were from left to right Kaitlyn Veronikis - high school educator, Hayden Bowser - high school student, Stephanie Wolfe - Sara Lindemuth Anna Carter Primary School educator, and Shonn Turner - middle school student.  
On October 5, 2023 our keynote presenter was Ryan Unger CEO & President of the Harrisburg Regional Chamber & CREDC (has more than 900 members) covering Dauphin, Cumberland, and Perry Counties in the development of businesses and jobs in the region.  He delivered an exceptional presentation on  “What makes our region tick. A look at the data that makes us uniquely Harrisburg” via zoom as he tested positive for two mornings in a row for COVID.   
Rotarian Mira Kapadia shared a breathtaking presentation of her trip to India and Dubai the summer of 2023 with her mother, son and daughter for about one month.  It was the first time her grown children have been to India & they got to meet their grandmother for the very first time who is 105 years old. She explained how everyone ate fresh food, and in the building where she had lived along with other buildings, there would be vendors selling fresh produce (India is largely vegetarian and cows are sacred) near the entry to their building as well as other buildings thus there were no grocery stores.
 Mira took us from a map of where she flew to in the emirates and then to Mumbai (aka Bombay) where she spent her childhood until about 9 years old, to a video by her son as they drove showing us many scenic pictures including them riding camels, and she showed us the area of Mumbai where she spent her childhood (also a picture of her when she was a toddler with who we would call a babysitter – the babysitter connected with her on the internet and so she got to have a meal with her while there). 
She told us of the differences between Dubais and India and the waters were so pure you could see many feet down to the bottom – beautiful sceneries, beautiful temples both in India and Dubai.  Marble is a big industry in that region.  The temple in this picture is the temple (Jain Temple but full name is Babu Amichand Panalal Adishwarji) that Mira used to go to as a child and taken there by her grandmother. 
Dr. Tamara Willis attended an educators conference in Germany the summer of 2023 on the topic of Global Sustainability.  In attendance also were high school students from several countries who got to travel and learn about the culture of several countries in the region.  
Student & Educator of the Month
Educator, Patty Frye, Susquehanna Township Middle School
Student, Chloe Imoisili,   Susquehanna Township Middle School
Student, Keyon Robinson, Susquehanna Township High School
Educator, Kimberly Clay, Thomas W. Holtzman Elementary School

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