Rotary Club of Susquehanna Township January 2021 Students and Educators of the Month Program
On February 18, 2021 our club recognized and celebrated the Susquehanna Township School District’s January 2021 Students and Educators of the Month.  Each student and educator received a certificate plus each student received an Amazon gift card.
January 2021 Students of the Month
Sulav Kafley, Middle School
Isha Gurung, High School
January 2021 Educators of the Month
Patty Frye, Grit Academy Teacher,
Middle School
Gareth Gebhardt, Attendance Officer and Hanna Cyber Academy (HCA) Coordinator, HS
The students are great role models for other students and the achievements of the students and educators truly represent Rotary’s Motto “Service Above Self”. 
Gareth Gebhardt:  Per Dr. Richard Kaskey, Assistant Superintendent.  Gareth currently serves the school district in the position of Attendance Officer and Hanna Cyber Academy (HCA) Coordinator; two jobs that are almost always separate positions in other school districts.  Prior to his current position, Gareth served the district as an English Language Development Specialist at the high school. Since November 2016, he has taught English Acquisition classes as well as assisted English learners in content classes such as math, science, and social sciences. Prior to being hired at Susquehanna Township, Gareth served as a Foreign Language and Culture Assistant in the Vicente Aleixandre Public Schools located in Madrid, Spain. While overseas, he assisted the English teaching staff in classrooms of Spanish-speakers, prepared classroom activities and lessons, and focused on improving students' general conversational skills including speaking and listening comprehension. Gareth is a 2011 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh where he received his bachelor’s degree in English.
Sulav Kafley.  Per Melissa Floyd, Assistant Principal.  Sulav is a learner that has managed the difficulties of both AIS and ARA learning.  In both settings, he proves engaged in his work and is an active participant in his academics.  He goes beyond the social norm of politeness by putting others’ needs before his own by ensuring their learning is also taking place, which is the dominant reasoning behind his selection.  Anyone that had taught Sulav will relay to you that he is a sponge for knowledge and acquires new skills through hard work and dedication.  He is a successful learner and always exhibits a cheerful disposition.  Sulav works well with others, has been a team leader in break-out groups online, and is dependable in both work completion and attendance.  He is the student that will laugh at the teacher’s puny and lame jokes out of empathy, and he realizes the importance of a solid foundation for his future so that he can pay it forward one day.  Per his school presenter, Sulav is a privilege to have in the classroom, and he makes us all Hanna proud!    
Patty Frye:  Per Melissa Floyd, Assistant Principal.  Patty not only goes above and beyond for the students of STMS but for the staff as well. From planning events like Secret Santa to fielding countless emails pertaining to scheduling she is always positive and willing to help everyone in the building to be successful. She's always willing to help the staff and the students here at STMS. She radiates positivity! For the work she did in presenting to the school board. Patty has been one of the biggest helpers this school year. She is always willing and able to offer assistance with anything. She goes out of her way almost every day to make easier the lives of her fellow teachers.
Isha Gurung:  Per Andrea Irvin, School Counselor, Isha is an 11th grade student who is conscientious and respectful in all of her interactions with students and staff.  Her teachers describe her as a hard-working young lady who is always the first one to log into the virtual teams meetings with a welcoming hello and pleasant demeanor.  Isha takes her time and is very thorough with her work which shows her dedication to academic success.  She is a kind and friendly student that people look forward to talking to every day.  We thank Isha Gurung for her efforts and for representing the Susquehanna Township High School Student body in such a positive light! Congratulations!