Rotary Club of Susquehanna Township March 2021 Students and Educators of the Month Program
On April 15, 2021 our club celebrated the Susquehanna Township School District’s March 2021 Students and Educators of the Month.  Each student and educator received a certificate plus each student received an Amazon gift card.
March 2021 Students of the Month
Feryel Ben Lalouna, Middle School
Camyrn Miller, High School
March 2021 Educators of the Month
Madison Bleiler, ELA & Special Education Teacher, Middle School
Matthew Mills, Algebra &
Statistics Teacher, High School
The students are great role models for other students and the achievements of the students and educators truly represent Rotary’s Motto “Service Above Self”.  
Feryel Ben Lalouna  - per Melissa Floyd, Assistant Principal - Whether in a virtual or in person setting, Feryel is a standout both as a learner and in her school community.  She is caring and willing to help others.  Feryel is constantly seeking feedback on her work and moves through many learning targets ahead of pace.  She is an advocate for herself and others.  
Camyrn Miller per Kaila M. Mitchell, School Counselor, Camryn is truly a joy to know, and her friends would say the same! She is always willing to help others and others depend on her when in tough times. Camryn has participated as a member of our track and field team and is a member of our prom committee. When asked to share a few remarks about Cam, her teachers replied: “Cam has an INCREDIBLE work ethic. She constantly puts in the effort to both complete her assignments and ensure she’s understanding content. Beyond her schoolwork, Cam is consistently a hard worker outside of the classroom. She is personable, approachable, and willing to learn. She goes beyond expectations consistently, is motivated and cooperative while she is also confident enough to voice her opinion. She is a highlight among the students and highly deserving of this award. In the style of a true detective like Sherlock Holmes, Camryn asks the questions during an investigation that no one else thinks of, she shines in forensic science! Lastly, Camryn is an excellent learner who is not afraid to ask questions in class and is not afraid to be wrong. So, so proud of you Cam!! Congratulations!
Madison Bleiler – per Kaila M. Mitchell, School Counselor - Madison has worked tirelessly to support our needs in our ELA and SPECIAL Ed. Department through months of teacher absence. She stepped in to help out SPED/ELA and was FANTASTIC with our special education students! Madison is always willing to step up and help out even when her assignment is outside of her comfort zone. She builds relationships with the learners in her care and works hard to assist in whatever ways possible
Matt Mills – per the Dr. Nicole Smith, High School Principal - Matt is one of our star educators at the high school. Mr. Mills is one of 7 teachers in the math department and has been in the district serving as a high school Math teacher since 2017. He currently teaches our Principals of Algebra class where he has gone above and beyond to create engaging lessons for all his students. He has put in a lot of time and effort for our English Language Learners providing all materials in both English and Spanish in order to remove a hurdle and allow students to focus on the Math!  Mr. Mills also sits on our Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support team where his contributions to the team have been invaluable! He always volunteers to make and send out our Forms to students, and he picks up the rewards that are distributed to them. The PBIS team wouldn’t be as successful as we are without him!